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With five years of expertise as a manager in the field of connected concierge services, in 2017 I launched the company "Azurenting", specializing in the management of Airbnb rentals and offering high-end concierge services in Cannes, emblematic city where only excellence takes precedence.

Conciergeries offer their customers a wide variety of services, from general lifestyle management to more specialized activities.

What is a concierge service?

In simple terms, this is a company that provides customers with personalized services. The latter can be used for any of the following activities: private market research, creating rental management (seasonal or otherwise), planning and booking activities, legal task, assistance with daily life, etc.

A concierge company can also provide services such as Airbnb management, car rental, property rental, etc. Depending on the type of concierge service you choose, you can even provide customized project management on behalf of the customer.

What does a concierge service offers

Definition of concierge services

Corporate concierge services offer a wide range of personalized services to companies and individuals alike. These include help with the planning, creation and stewardship of day-to-day tasks such as corporate events, technology assistance, legal advice and consultation. They can also provide seasonal tasks such as housekeeping or real estate agency services for tenants or landlords.

Integrating a concierge service: A strategic asset for human resources management

A private concierge service integrated into a company’s HR policy offers many advantages, such as improving employee satisfaction, creating a pleasant working environment and reducing stress. They can be tailored to the company’s budget and cover a wide range of needs, from the most basic tasks to the most luxurious. Ultimately, this service adds value to companies by improving employeesquality of life and helping them to feel more at ease in their work, while helping to strengthen the company’s competitiveness in the marketplace.

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How does a corporate concierge service work?

As a rule, the service provider will draw up a plan that meets all the company’s needs. This plan must include an overall strategy, as well as the legal regulations and prices for the services required. The concierge company then agrees with its customer to provide these services in accordance with their standards and requirements.

What are the rates applied by the various service providers?

Prices depend on the specific requirements. Costs can vary considerably depending on the size of the facility and the resources available. It is important to consider the two main pricing methods: one aimed at the company and the other directly at the employee.

For the company, the cost of running the private concierge service is generally covered on an annual basis, depending on the formula chosen and the facilities required to integrate the concierge service within the company. Larger companies may pay more than smaller ones, depending on their expectations. Assessments may also vary according to the availability of a private market for customers and the incentives offered by concierges.

As far as employees are concerned, access to the various concierge services is generally free, with prices included in the concierge’s operation. However, prices for other services are generally in line with those charged by local retailers. In this way, companies and their employees benefit from a range of services tailored to their needs, while taking into account the associated costs and promoting a pleasant, productive environment.

What are the benefits of concierge services?

Corporate concierge services offer multiple benefits for employees and the company itself. For employees, it saves a significant amount of time and reduces the ecological impact by avoiding travel for personal tasks. This translates into greater concentration, creativity and productivity.

For employers, outsourcing enables them to reduce the costs associated with human resources management, and to attract and retain the best talent by offering a range of high-quality services. Different options are available to suit different budgets and needs, making services accessible to all employees. The establishment pays for the set-up costs, but not for the services rendered.

All in all, a corporate concierge service can have a positive impact on employee morale, productivity and the establishment’s bottom line. In this way, organizations invest in their employees’ well-being, improving their job satisfaction and commitment. What’s more, it also contributes to strengthening the establishment’s competitiveness in the marketplace by setting it apart from the competition and creating an attractive, friendly environment.

What does a concierge service offerS?

Private concierge services offer a multitude of services to facilitate employees’ daily lives, enhance their well-being at work and improve their business. Here’s an overview of the various services offered by these specialized businesses:

Advertising management

Concierge services such as Airbnb and others offer a full range of advertising services to optimize the promotion of your property online. Here are just a few of the services available:

      • Ad creation and redesign: Design of striking, attractive ads that highlight the strengths of your offer and capture the attention of potentially interested Internet users.
      • Date-based price adjustment: In-depth analysis of market trends and adjustment of rates according to seasonality and demand, to maximize revenue without compromising the accessibility of your offer.
      • Creation of an attractive listing with photos: Creation of a professional and engaging listing, enhanced with quality photos to give a positive and inviting image of your property.
      • Enhanced SEO and appeal: Optimize your listing on search engines and booking platforms to improve its online visibility and set you apart from the competition.
      • Rigorous selection of travelers: Implementation of precise selection criteria to ensure that only serious and respectful people book your property, guaranteeing a positive experience for all parties involved.
      • Efficient arrival and departure management: meticulous organization of guest arrival and departure, ensuring a smooth transition and a pleasant experience for both you and your guests.

When you call on a concierge specialized in advertising, you benefit from professional expertise and a tailor-made approach to optimize your promotion and attract more satisfied customers.

Handing over the keys:

Taking care of the reception and handover of keys guarantees a positive, personalized experience for your tenants. Here are just a few of the features we offer to facilitate this crucial process:

      • Warm welcome: A friendly and professional reception of your occupants, so that they immediately feel at ease and welcome in your property.
      • Introduction to the premises and handover of keys: Guided tour of the premises to familiarize your guests with the facilities and equipment, followed by the safe handover of keys.
      • Explanation of policies and rules: Clear and detailed presentation of the rules and expectations for your stay, to avoid any misunderstandings or problems later on.
      • Tips and tricks to make the most of your stay: Sharing valuable information on local attractions, restaurants, transport and other tips to help your tenants make the most of their trip.

By choosing a concierge who specializes in welcoming and handing over keys, you ensure a quality experience, while reinforcing your reputation as a caring and professional host.

24/24 assistance

A concierge service provides comprehensive, tailored assistance, guaranteeing a comfortable, carefree stay. Here are some of the key privileges:

      • 24/7 assistance: Constant availability to meet occupants’ needs at all hours.
        Flexible welcome: Reception adapted to arrival times to ensure a smooth start to your stay.
      • Efficient maintenance: Management of maintenance work to keep your home pleasant and functional.
      • Rapid response: Immediate response to problems or emergencies to ensure the safety and well-being of occupants.
      • Personalized support: Assistance tailored to tenants’ specific requests and needs during their stay.

24-hour assistance provides a tailor-made, worry-free experience, helping to reinforce your reputation as an attentive host who cares about the well-being of its guests.

Collecting keys and checking furniture

Key management and furniture verification are crucial aspects managed by an Airbnb concierge, for example, ensuring the security and proper upkeep of your property. Here are some key points concerning these services:

      • Key collection: Efficient organization of key delivery and collection.
      • Property condition check: Thorough inspection to ensure that everything is in good condition after the occupants have left.
      • Security check: Check windows, heating and lighting to ensure the safety of your property.
      • Secure locking: Ensuring that the door is properly locked after departures.
      • Secure key management: Keeping keys in a safe place to avoid any risk of loss or theft.

By entrusting key recovery and furniture verification to a competent team, you protect your property investment and ensure a safe, well-maintained environment for your future occupants.

Un nettoyProfessional cleaningage professionnel

Professional cleaning is essential to ensure a healthy and welcoming environment. A concierge service puts forward various solutions to ensure the cleanliness of your property. Here are some of the key aspects:

      • Thorough cleaning: Ensuring the property is thoroughly cleaned and hygienically impeccable.
      • Dusting: Removing dust from all surfaces, including furniture and decorative objects.
      • Thorough vacuuming: Vacuum all rooms to remove dirt and allergens.
      • Waste management: Empty garbage cans and ensure spaces are free of debris.
      • Washing floors: Clean floors to remove stains and accumulated dirt.
      • Change linen: Replace bed linen and towels to ensure a fresh, clean environment.

In this way, you ensure that your accommodation is spotless and welcoming, and contributes to a positive and memorable experience.

How to choose a professional concierge service

Choosing the right concierge service in Cannes is essential to ensure efficient, high-quality management of your home. To help you in this process, here are a few tips and factors to consider:

      • Experience and expertise: Look for a concierge with solid experience in the field and proven expertise, from cleaning to key management.
      • Quality standards: Make sure the concierge is committed to high-quality rendering and follows strict standards to ensure a high level of satisfaction.
      • Customer reviews: Consult reviews and testimonials to get an idea of the company’s reputation and professionalism.
      • Availability and flexibility: Choose a concierge service that offers 24/7 assistance and can adapt to the specific needs of your property and occupants.
      • Transparent pricing: Opt for a company that offers clear, transparent pricing, with no hidden charges or unexpected extras.
      • Communication and follow-up: Choose a concierge company that communicates regularly with you, keeping you informed of the condition of your property and any necessary interventio

To conclude, you’ve got it! Opting for a Cannes concierge service means peace of mind and reliability in the management of your property and your business in general. Thanks to personalized services and an experienced team, you’ll benefit from a simplified property management experience. Please contact Azurenting to find out how our airbnb Cannes concierge services can meet your specific needs. We look forward to providing you with tailor-made solutions and accompanying you towards the success of your real estate project.

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