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Do you have any questions about our Airbnb concierge service in Cannes or our subletting offer? We answer all your questions through our FAQ! However, if you do not find the answer you want, do not hesitate to contact us.


Indeed it is necessary to visit your property in order to elaborate the best possible expertise.

First of all, we will make an appointment and then we will send you a member of our team to discuss with you the potential improvements to be made.

It is perfectly possible to dispose of your accommodation, by letting us know at least one month in advance so that we can agree together on the availability of the schedule. Once agreed, all you have to do is set your dates.

Yes, we have a contract adapted to all our concierge and rental management services.

Your accommodation must be up to standard, furnished and equipped so that it has all the criteria for validation for short term rentals. 

Don't worry, it is with great pleasure that we will create one for you!

Unfortunately not! A user can have only one account with the same identity and we must already create this account with your credentials or take over your last account is already existing. So you can't use it in travel mode! However Airbnb is already looking into this problem and should be able to find a solution in 2021.

It depends mainly on the characteristics of your home and different criteria such as the days of the week, the seasons, the market price in your area, the historical character or even the associated events! In any case, thanks to our expertise, our services are not limited to the management of your property, but also advise you on possible financial optimizations. We think profitability!

The amount of your accommodation depends on its surface area, its location, the periods of availability as well as the additional options available (swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna...).

The management of your reservations and the resulting requests for information can be a particularly tedious task, but not for us!  We have a competent and trained team as well as a chanel manager as calendar management software.

For obvious reasons, as long as we are responsible for the rental of your property, we are the only ones who can access your profile. 


No! In order for your guests to have a memorable stay, you cannot go home unexpectedly. However, you can call your Azurenting agent to check if necessary.

The Azurenting teams are all bilingual (French/English) and have all the useful information about your property that they will systematically transmit to travelers during their check-in.

 The cleaning includes a complete cleaning of the apartment as well as a quality management of bed linen, towels and consumables.

A dispute procedure already exists on Airbnb. Thus we quickly put together a file including all the supporting documents (police report, invoices, photos and other documents) attesting to the damage and the value of the damaged goods. Then Airbnb studies all the details of your file and evaluates the claim. However it remains the only judge! In this sense, Azurenting cannot be held responsible for a decision to your disadvantage.

Each owner/tenant appointment is done with the wearing of a mask. A safety distance of 1 meter is established. As for cleaning, our maintenance teams are trained in anti covid and other infectious germs disinfection protocol and meet veruside and bacteriide standards.


Being a rental intermediary is legal under certain conditions: It is essential to have a lease drawn up by a tax lawyer and validated by a notary. However, this activity is only authorized of short term rental such as Azurenting.

In case of damage we are covered by our multirisk insurances which specifically cover these types of problems.

If we do not find tenants, you will still enjoy your rent every month!

We have a network of companies that send us monthly profiles of professionals traveling in the region. We can therefore filter the most interesting profiles!

It is quite possible to recover your accommodation for any reason provided that you let us know at least 1 month in advance to give us time to relocate potential registered travelers.

We have a specific professional lease for short term rentals. This lease is without commitment and flexible! Finally, we determine together the duration of the lease as well as the details of the notice period if you want to get your property back.

Are you looking for an efficient and profitable partnership?

Our knowledge of the local environment and its economic fabric gives us unparalleled expertise in the entire Alpes-Maritimes area!

Your trusted partner, specialist in concierge services and rental management in the Alpes-Maritimes region


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